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Calculating total LED Tape Wattage

Posted by on 4/22/2016 to General LED Information

How to calculate LED Tape Circuit Wattage For LED Driver (Transformer) Size

Calculating LED Driver (Transformer) Size

To calculate the total size of a LED Driver you will need to look at the total wattage of each LED Light, LED Tape that is related to the circuit that you wish to control and simply add them together.

Note: LED tape is based on Watts per meter, E.g. 14w/m (14 watts per meter), please refer to the specification of the LED Tape you are looking to purchase. So if the installation contains 20m of RGB led tape, simply calculate the total wattage by:

LED Driver size = LED Tape Length x Tape watts per meter (For all LED channels E.g. RGB)

In this instance 20m x 14w/m = 280 Watts (For All 3 Channels E.g. RGB)

Note: If you are using a single coloured LED tape, this would simply be a single channel LED Tape E.g. White (see also LED Wattage Per Channel below)

NOTE: Additional load (watts) should be included for associated LED controllers/receivers in the circuit. As a rule of thumb if you do not have the electrical load of the LED controllers/receivers add 15% to the calculated total LED lighting load.

E.g 280 Watt + 15% = 322 Watts

LED Wattage Per Channel

The defined LED tape watts/per meter is the total for all channels E.g. if you are using 20m of RGB (in other words RGB is 3 channels LED) rated at 14w/m. To calculate the watts per channel would be:

20m x 14w/m = 280 Watts divided by 3 channels = 93.33 Watts per channel (e.g. for the Red channel, etc). Or, another way of writing this (20m x 14w/m)/3 = 93.33 Watts per channel

NOTE: RGB+W is therefore 4 channels, so instead of dividing by 3, 4 is used instead.

If you are using a single channel LED tape (1colour LED Tape) such as White then the total load for the channel is the total wattage of the tape E.g. 20m x 14w/m = 280 Watts divided by 1 channel = 280 Watts per channel

Calculating LED Control/Receiver Sizes

LED controls are generally rated per channel E.g 5amp per channel along with its voltage, see the specification for the receiver that you are looking to use

For instance a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) may be detailed as: 3 Channel – 5amp – 12V

This would mean that per channel a controller/receiver could handle:

Total power per channel  = Volts x Amps

60 Watts = 12V x 5amp

Or, on a 24V circuit, the Total power per channel would be:-

120 Watts = 24V x 5amp