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SR-2839WK RGBW LED 1 Zone Remote Controller

SR-2839WK RGBW LED 1 Zone Remote Controller

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Part Number:SR-2839WK

RF&WiFi RGB LED remote controller SR-2839WK is a RGB wireless controller which offers fast and accurate color tone adjustment and independent brightness dimming of each R, G, B, W channel. Each RGB controller can control 1 zone with endless receivers in each zone. Independent dimming of each R, G, B, W channel enables the RGB LED remote to achieve millions of colors. 10 built-in changing patterns are available with 8 level adjustable changing speed. While receivers are working with WiFi-RF converter, they can be controlled by WiFi via installing APP on IOS and Android systems.


Key Features

  • 256 levels of Grey Scale per RGB, even&smooth for full-color changes without any flash
  • Competitive price sender with powerful functions
  • 10 changing modes. Enable to stay at any color under
  • situation of color changing modes
  • R-G-B-W changing colors can be achieved smoothly by buttons
  • Changeable speed can be adjusted (10 levels), quickest speed is 2S, slowest speed is 512S
  • Receiver has synchronization function under changeable modes that can ensure all receivers work synchronously without any confusion
  • Enable to save 4 colors
  • Synchronization function of pattern changes ensure consistent change forever
  • To adjust brightness of each color independently that can achieve millions of changing colors
  • To work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly

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