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Sunricher WiFi-RF Convertor SR-2818WiN - SmartPhone & iPhone - Tablet WiFi to RF Convertor

Sunricher WiFi-RF Convertor SR-2818WiN - SmartPhone & iPhone - Tablet WiFi to RF Convertor

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Part Number:Sunricher-SR-2818WiN

Control your LED lighting system using your iPhone, SmartPhone, iPad and Tablet.

The SR-2818WiN is a compact WiFi-RF convertor designed to convert WiFi signal to RF signal and be compatible with SR-1009 series receivers, which enables the RF controllers to be WiFi controlled by APP installed on IOS and Android mobile device. This convertor greatly facilitates users to control lighting more conveniently and flexibly, they do not have to find the remote controls everywhere, just a mobile phone is enough. The WiFi-RF convertor can be compatible with SR-1009 series to control single color, dual color and RGB/RGBW LEDs. Free APP is available from APP store or Sunricher website.


Key Features

  • Converts WiFi signal to RF
  • Compatible with SR-1009 series receivers
  • More convenient and flexible control
  • Single or multiple receivers can be controlled by each control system
  • Free APP available from APP store or Sunricher website
  • Humanized APP interface, easy operation

Simply down load the FREE Lighting Control App for Android or Iphone/Ipad:

Android links : EasyLighting or EasyColor

Apple Links: EasyLighting or EasyColor

Easy to use simply download the Free App to your smart device and add your SR-1009xx to your LED lighting circuits

See video of Sunricher Smart Control App's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_DmEeDCiYc

Also expand your system using wall and hand remote control units to your lighting system like the SR-2820, SR-2831 + Many More!

Works with multiple SR-1009xx receivers

Please see some of the associated controls and accessories listed at the bottom of this page.

See the full list of excellent Sunricher Europe LED controls in the current catalogue on the home page of the website.


The SR-2818WiN receives the signal from the Smart Device (either Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet or iPad) and converts it into a signal that any of the SR-1009xx (see below list) receivers can understand.

Each receiver then connects to the LED light source (e.g. LED tape).

The receivers are configurable to act as a group, or, separate zones, up to a maximum of 8 zones. So you decide what receivers serve which zone E.g. Kitchen, Lounge and Garden!

Note: The SR-1009xx receivers will work with the Smart devices and a number of wall mounted controls & remote control devices. So you get the best of both worlds, normal controls and smart control.

Simply add to your system as and when you require!

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